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    • 10 MAY 17
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    You’ve been working your butt off at the gym, have followed a strict healthy meal plan and have shredded off a few pounds off the scale. Still, that noticeable belly flab won’t go away and you’re getting frustrated that your efforts are not effective enough. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your options and still

    • 23 APR 17
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    Can Liposuction be Repeated?

    Can Liposuction be Repeated?

    If you are unable to maintain your post- liposuction physique then you may wish to have repeat procedures. The best way to tackle weight gain after liposuction is to diet and exercise as this change in lifestyle can help you to lose weight and fat, as well as change your bad habits when it comes

    • 11 APR 17
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    What Non-Surgical Alternatives to Abdominoplasty are there?

    What Non-Surgical Alternatives to Abdominoplasty are there?

    There are a number of alternatives to an Abdominoplasty out there if you do not feel ready to have the surgery yet, or even feel that it is not right for you. They are less invasive than an Abdominoplasty and so therefore are kinder to your body and require less healing time. However, before deciding