• What is Buccal Fat Excision?

    This procedure is often sought to remedy “chipmunk cheeks” and a plump or round-faced appearance. A sculpted face with smooth and chiseled contours is sought after not only by models, celebrities and those in the media, but by anyone wanting to attain an aesthetically pleasing face. Puffiness or heaviness in the cheek area can mask the contours of a beautiful upper cheekbone and lower jawbone. This fullness or puffiness can often be contributed to what is called Buccal Fat.

    Buccal Fat is the fat pad that is found in the cheek area and extends up into the skull. The buccal Fat Pad is comprised of three areas, and the area which can show. Cosmetically is the fat pad residing specifically in the cheek area. This plumpness appears just above the jaw line and lip. Many patients complain about fullness in this area which may, or may not be attributed to buccal Fat. Sometimes fullness in the cheek area is due to other medical conditions and/or disfigurement due to previous surgery, accidents or trauma. However, in those circumstances where buccal Fat is the culprit for puffiness and fullness in the cheek, a minor surgical procedure can be performed to reveal and enhance the contour of the upper cheekbone and lower jawbone.

  • Results of Buccal Fat Excision

    Buccal Fat Excision Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and light sedation. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts approximately one hour. There is typically a small amount of swelling and no bruising post operatively. It takes approximately one month for swelling to resolve completely and up to three months for the final result.

  • Candidates for Buccal Fat Excision

    Good health and realistic expectations are necessary for any successful result in Cosmetic surgery. Buccal Fat Excision Surgery is a good choice if you have excessive puffiness or plumpness in the cheek area which was not as a result of trauma, accident or previous surgery. Buccal Fat Excision Surgery is also a good choice to enhance your cheek and jaw bones.

    You must be mentally and emotionally stable to undergo an cosmetic procedure. No surgeon would agree to work on a mentally unstable person. This is an operation which requires patience and stability in dealing with the healing period. There is sometimes a lull or depression after surgery and if there is already a pre-existing emotional problem, this low period can develop into a more serious issue. Please consider this before committing to a procedure.

  • Your Consultation

    During your consultation, the Surgeon will closely examine your facial features and cheek area and thoroughly describe what you can expect from Buccal Fat Excision Surgery. Associated risks, which may affect surgical outcome, will be discussed.

  • The Buccal Fat Excision Procedure

    This procedure is often sought to remedy “chipmunk cheeks” and a plump or round-faced appearance. Usually done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, buccal fat extraction is carried out by making a very tiny incision inside the mouth. Fat is then removed through this tiny opening, resulting in a more oval face. This procedure is not recommended for younger patients since when natural fat loss occurs with aging, the face will look gaunt and haggard if too much fat was removed. There is typically a small amount of swelling and no bruising post operatively. It takes approximately one month for swelling to resolve completely and up to three months for the final result.

    The Endoscopic Lift
    The Endoscopic Lift is different because instead of making one continuous incision, your surgeon will make a few shorter incisions in the scalp. A scope (small camera on the end of a thin tube) will be placed into one of the incisions in order to view the tissues and muscles through a screen. At the same time, another device will be inserted in a different incision to make the necessary alterations.

    For this procedure, small titanium anchors will be used to secure the offending tissue once it is altered appropriately. Those anchors are tiny but mighty. They will keep your tissue under control for years. Because of the smaller incisions, this procedure is less invasive. You will experience minimal scarring and recovery time will be shortened.

  • Risk

    All forms of cosmetic surgery carry some degree of risk. With buccal fat removal, infection and adverse reactions to the anesthetic are the biggest possible risks. Numbness is normal after undergoing surgery, and usually subsides after a few weeks. Loss of sensation is usually found around the incision lines, on the central cheeks, or the jawline. In rare cases, the numbness can be a long-term, possibly permanent condition.

    Those considering buccal fat removal before their mid-20’s should take into account that oftentimes as we get older, facial fat is lost and our face will naturally thin out. So if you choose to have this surgery before then, and your face naturally thins out later on, this may result in a scrawny look. So, people need to take genetics into consideration and should check to see if round cheeks run in their family. Note that buccal fat is contained within membranes and cannot be replaced once it is taken out.

  • Ecovery

    The recovery process is relatively quick and painless. For a few days the patient will look like they have had oral surgery with swollen cheeks, but no bruising. By one week, the patients generally look like they did pre-operatively and the final results become apparent after 4-6 weeks as residual swelling disappears.


    When will the stitches be removed and does this hurt?
    – The stitches will usually be removed within a week to 10 days after your buccal fat extraction surgery. The process may be uncomfortable, but not overly painful. Suture removal is usually quick.

    When will I be able to see the results?
    – You should see preliminary results within a week or two as the swelling subsides, but it may take anywhere from two to four months to see the full results of your buccal fat extraction procedure.

    Are the results permanent?
    – The results of buccal fat extraction are permanent. However, if you gain a marked amount of weight in the future, your cheeks may plump up again.