• Ultra Z: the last word in Liposuction

    Ultra Z is the 4th Generation ultrasound liposuction technology from South Korea. This is a very popular international device which loosens up and emulsifies fat cells from your face or other body parts leading to easier, safer and faster body sculpting.

  • How does it work?

    The Ultra- Z system represents a major advance over traditional liposuction and earlier generation UAL devices; Ultra- Z was designed to efficiently emulsify fatty tissue with minimal amount of energy, thereby achieving exceptional contour finesse while preserving the tissue matrix. There is now a tissue selective ultrasound body shaping technology and surgical technique designed for precise and efficient sculpting.

  • Why Ultra Z?

    The ultra-z system advanced ultrasound technology creates an efficient way of breaking down fatty tissue before it is removed, leaving nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue largely intact. Rolling probes disperse energy to maximize efficiency in various types of fatty tissue, from delicate to fibrous, Because blood vessels and nerves are minimally disrupted, patients report little bruising, and low to minimal pain.

  • Advantages of Ultra Z

    • The safest and the fastest lipo-sculpture
    • Suitable for all body parts
    • Protects from major tissue damages, skin burn
    • Faster and more efficient
    • Thinnest probe in the world for the most delicate zones Less pain, swelling and bleeding
    • Fast recovery
    • Even contour and enhanced skin tightening